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There are some mighty changes happening in this girl here.  I recently learned that for most of my life I have been professing the Lord Jesus as my Lord, all the while I wasn’t giving Him full control over every area of my life.  I, essentially, had decided that He could be Lord over everything except my image.  I controlled that.  I decided how people would see me and what people would think about me.  This has all sorts of implications of sin that I am not proud of but I am so grateful to be crawling out from up under that heavy, burdensome rock.  It is so hard to be who others think I should be.  And it wasn’t until recently that I realized that blanketed in shame and motivated by fear most of my life, I have very little knowledge of who I really am.  I am a bit of a stranger to myself.  Who am I when I’m not being who others think I should be or should not be, for that matter?  So grateful for a persistent, faithful God who calls me to more, daily.

Pamelluce literally means Pam (moi), with God (el), light (luce).  That’s what this blog is all about; me, walking in the light of Christ, with Christ holding my hand all along the journey.  Naked and unashamed, loving every minute of it.  Facing the Son to gather the truth about who I am and the purposes for which I was created.  Chocolate-Brown girl Son bathing in order to reflect Him whose image after which I was fearfully and wonderfully made.

Here, I’ll take the opportunity to write about the things that challenge me, thrill me, puzzle me, make me laugh, and drive me to pray!  Most posts are likely to reflect what I’m learning in my walk with Christ but I’ll also post about things that interest me. I’m interested in many things.  Some of my favorite pass times are styling and attending to my hair, fashion, reading, designing, knitting, crafting, baking, cooking and eating.  I’ll talk about all of those on this blog.

To help clarify what you can expect to find when you take the time visit this little site, know that I am in awe of God.  He is making some amazing movements in and around me and I want to share it with whoever will listen.   I desire to live on these pages as a woman who points others to Christ–yes, even in the way that I tend to this full head of nappily curly hair!  I’m hoping that as others read along, they’ll nod their heads in agreement, hum a sweet southern “mmmmm hmmmm,” (famous for meaning so many different things!) giggle out loud, and maybe even cry.  Most of all I hope that as I live in the wide open spaces God has created for me, it will encourage others to do the same.

It’s amazing out here.  Frighteningly amazing.  God’s light can be glorious yet blinding.  I’ve never intentionally lived in His light.  I usually choose to hide somewhere in the shadows.  But even when the shadows come, there has to be a light source somewhere.    I’m now figuring out that it’d be safer for me to chase it rather than run from it.  ‘Cause if God is for me, who, really, can stand a chance against me? (Romans 8:28-31)

Thanks for stopping by.  If I could give you a love squeeze, I would. :0)

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