Monday Morning Thanks

I went to bed much too late last night.  Much too late for a mom who has to get up and be full on first thing in the morning of a new day where grace lies fresh and new, waiting for me to receive it–if only I would  just. get. up.

Most mornings I just lie there, pleading for more night hours, more time to just . . . lie there.  Here lately it seems that I’m never ready to face a new day.  Even though I usually fight dread, this morning  I just got up and made a start.  I had it in my mind that I would pass through my morning with praise and thanksgiving and purpose and just see what would happen.  And that’s what I did.

I opened my eyes and . . .

134. Thank you, Lord for another day.

Then realized that without qualifying it I had indeed rested the night hours away.

135.  Restful sleep, uninterrupted as you protected my family, my home and me through the night.

And when a bill collector rang my phone first thing, threatening to steal what little peace and joy I was collecting for the day as I would normally descend into fret about the lack of funds to pay up, I didn’t fret I just added to the list:

136.  Another chance to pay my debts.

As my huni rushed noisily about, scampering madly from the bedroom to the bathroom seemingly unaware of a tired woman trying to put together a morning, a day, again I added:

137.  A diligent man, determined to make it to work on time.

138.  Your provision for my family through a job that E loves and enjoys.

Dressed myself.  Moved into the room of two little girls, wildly excited to start a new day, the sun shining through their window, inviting them to be happy and bask in another chance at discovering their world.

139..   Sweet baby voices acquiring speech and using it well!

Made our way downstairs.  Breakfast.

140.  Delicious, healthy food to feed little tummies.

141.  The silence of breakfast.

142.  Two satisfied tummies.

143.  The silence of breakfast.  The sweet, sweet silence of happily eating girls.

And we, together, did chores . . .

144.  A clean house.

. . .had lessons . . .

145. Eagerly learning little girls.

. . .played together . . .

146.  Peacefully (and sometimes not so much) playing sisters. :0)

. . .and shared yet another meal together . . .

147.  Izzie reciting the grace before her lunch.

148.  The cute little way Ava leans her head to one side displaying an irresistible cheek to kiss.

. . . and before I knew it, it was . . .

149.  Naptime.

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