Wednesdays with Beth


Beth Moore is continuing her series on Life Today about family entitled Family Calamity and Restoration.  It’s a revealing and encouraging look at a body of people that everyone belongs to or longs for.  Family is the most common people group across geographical and cultural boundaries.  Every family is not made up identically but, because people are involved, you can be sure there is a certain amount of both positive and negative emotions and interactions in each one.  Every family may not have the constant hardships of  the Evan’s (and even they were able to experience some good times) but hey the Cosby’s dealt with some stuff too! ;0)

My family of origin is a beautiful yet dysfunctional unit of people.  We love each other but we have hurt and wounded each other so deeply.   There are hurt feelings, broken relationships, secrets, and the gamut of sin that keeps us separated from each other.  And I know that Satan would have it no other way because without healing, our destinies are compromised.  I fight against hopelessness because sometimes it seems like nothing is changing or that things are getting worse.  Hearing the testimony and the word of God through Beth Moore has simply been good.  She is encouraging and giving me that bit of hope I need to trust the most trustworthy member of my family; My abba father.

It’s a big deal, family, and our family of origin is one of the things that we cannot control.  So, what in the world are we to do with them?  How do we heal together when they act as if nothing is broken? How do we grow past being okay with things being “alright” but not excellent?  Is it ever okay to walk away from the people we call our family?  What does true restoration look like and what is our (believers) part in it?  I think that the Lord is using Beth Moore to help with the answers to these questions and then some.

Check out the other parts in the series below.

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