The Real Reason He Suffered on Speaking of Truth

So!  I received my daily email today from (in)courage (, and I was totally moved.  The post came from the site Speaking of Truth ( and was written by Sarah Nutter.  I so enjoyed the post that I emailed her to see if it would be okay if I posted it here and she agreed!  Please take a look at it and continue reading over on her site.

The Real Reason He Suffered

Incourage 2 The Real Reason He Suffered

I used a tissue to wipe up the blood that trickled down my left index finger. Always the clumsy one, I hadn’t been holding the crown of thorns carefully enough.

And all it took was one measly thorn prick to get me in tears.

This Good Friday prayer walk I was in charge of for our church wasn’t supposed to affect me like this. It’s just that that prick hurt a lot.

Mostly, emotionally.

Because it was only one thorn. One out of, like, a hundred. One condemning thorn that confirmed what I’d spent my whole life denying:

That if it had been me…

Read the rest here:  The Real Reason He SufferedSpeaking of Truth.

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