Wednesdays with Beth

So, so far on Wednesdays I’ve written about Beth Moore’s teachings, godly wisdom and insights and you can probably expect that I’ll do that every Wednesday.  For the past few weeks she’s been talking about family and the work that we have to do when we face strife and conflict with our family in a series of talks called Family Calamity and Restoration on Life Today with James and Betty Robison.  Today, Life Today did not air a new taping of the series, they re-aired part 4 of the, so far, 5 part series.  In case you’ve missed any of it, I would highly recommend checking it out.  I’ve placed all five parts here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

And here are the five main points she’s made so far:

1.  Any family can have calamity.

2.  Family calamity is never uncomplicated.

3.  Family calamity often involves consequences.

4.  Family calamity does not have to be terminal.

5.  Even if relationships don’t heal, you can heal.

When I noticed that there was not a new part today, I was going to recap the last five parts and highlight those bits that I found to be life giving.  Instead, as I went through the series today, I became so intrigued by the bible story from which she’s teaching that I decided I’d take the rest of today and this week to read it.  It’s mostly coming from 2 Samuel 7, 13, 14, and 15 but instead of skipping around, I’m going to read all of 2 Samuel (and maybe 1 Samuel too, but that may be a little ambitious to do by next week with these two little girls I’m raising . . . we’ll see).

My times with Beth have been so rich, and I appreciate her fervor for the Lord.  He beckons me to dig in and get some of it directly from Him, not just through Beth.  That’s one of the reasons why I admire her so much.  She makes it clear that she is just a vessel through which His word and work may choose to flow.  She’s been through so much and I don’t pity her.  I rejoice in the face of her trials because right now, she is living such a triumphant life and I can sense the encouragement of the Lord gently saying, “My dear Pammie, all that you and your family have been through was not for naught.  Give me all of you, your whole story and watch me make glory out of what you think is gory.  Let me make you triumphant too.”  So, that’s what I’m gonna do!

For reals, if you haven’t already seen the videos, you don’t wanna miss it.  Check it out.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes so far (I have so many of ’em!!):

“People are going to think about us, alright.  But we do get to have something to do with what they think.  Maybe they can think that we’re a wonder.  Maybe they can think that we’re a miracle.”

Marriage Letters: On Serving Together

Hey Huni,

Remember I told you that I would be writing you letters each Monday in April on my blog?  Well, today’s letter is on serving together.  He’s in it, right?!!?

We’ve been talking about this so much lately as we try to figure out how He wants to use us and what He wants our family, as a unit, to stand for, and here He is in this moment encouraging me to think about this and get the conversation going again.  I just love the Lord.  I really appreciate Him pursuing us and making it a little bit easier for us to know His will for our lives.  While we are praying and waiting to hear from Him on this, I thought that I would spend a few minutes in my letter to you talking about the ways we serve together right now.

It seems like we’ve done a great deal of serving together though it might tend to fly under the radar.  Our marriage is ministry and it feeds directly into the hearts of our baby girls.  The care that we show to one another and the energy that we put into our marriage facilitates our ability to be the kind of shepherding-parents the Lord would have us to be.  I love you so, so much Emmanuel.  I am so grateful that the Lord saw fit to bless me with you.  You truly are a gift, a promise manifested of being able to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Being married to me is not always easy because I do not always handle being a wife gracefully, but thank you so much for always fighting for me and for our marriage.  You are my warrior prince and our union rests in good hands with you. (hey, you give the Allstate man a run for his money!–you know, you’re in good hands with Allstate :0))

Our children are our ministry.  We work so hard with those two!  Whew!!  You and I both know that they are sweet, gifted and heaven sent but I appreciate having you by my side reminding me of it everyday.  Thank you for going to work everyday even though your heart beats for full time ministry in a different capacity.  Thank you for that sacrifice for our family ministry.  Thank you for coming home ready to be with us and enjoy us even though I know that you are tired from a long day of work.  Thank you for working so hard, huni.  As the leader of this ministry, you do a great job!  The girls and I are grateful, happy and we feel so blessed, cared for and protected by God through you.  Each day we have the opportunity to approach the world carefree and I get to take the time to pour into them and pull them into our vision so that they can grow into the women that God would have them to be.  And it starts with your diligence and determination to make our family be a vision of our resurrected savior. We are a force, the four of us.  Attitude, reflects leadership, captain. ;0)  (~Julius Campbell, Remember the Titans)

Lisa Bevere said (something like) “A woman who knows her purpose is not easily distracted.” And I’d have to say that that must be true for a marriage as well.  I’ve told you before that you are radical in the way you think. I’m not sure what’s our next move.  We have the bible study on Thursday nights, we have ministry with our extended family, our friends, our jobs, and our desires for other ministry opportunities.  We serve together in so many capacities.  It’s tough but it’s sweet.  There’s no telling where your radical mind and the Lord’s will will take us from here, but if we stay focused on Him and diligent to pursue our purpose . . .ain’t no mountain high enough.  I love you E.T.

pamela t.

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Here is the note from Amber, the author of the blog that really encouraged me to join her and the others in this endeavor:  Please do join SethJoyScott, and me as we hold our marriages up to the light. Call your marriage what it really is. Every Monday in April we’re writing letters because we believe that when we bless our own marriage, we bless the marriages of others.

Happily Humble

I am Thanksgiving Day full of joy from this weekend!  Friday was my birthday so my parents (in-law) came up to spend the weekend taking care of the girls so that I could rest and my huni took the day off to hang out with me. (sweeeet, right?)  We saw a movie, did some light shopping, ate frozen yogurt and topped off the night having dinner with friends.

Then for Saturday he had secretly spoken to my family and friends and arranged a surprise party in my honor!!  It was wonderful!!  We ate some yummy food, danced, danced, danced, laughed, laughed and laughed some more and just had an all around good time.  One of my sisters came in from out of town, my aunts and cousins pulled together and made the food, decorated my home and really set the atmosphere for a book lover’s themed party.  And then, some of them pitched in and bought me a Nook!!!  (cheering, smiling, crying, fist pumping, so excited!!)  I am so grateful for my family and friends.  This weekend was wonderful.

I know that there are great things happening in other people’s lives.  At the same time there are people with great, basic needs and a Nook may seem such a trivial thing to cheer about.  This was not necessarily a milestone birthday . . .yet . . .I am so happy and so grateful because some people I care about took a bit of their time and resources to show how much they care about me.  I needed that.

I often get so caught up in trying to deny my need for people and my longing for connection.  It’s a rallying theme with many familiar mantras:  “Be strong!,” “Be independent!,” “Go for yours!”, do whatever you can to uphold the front that you are sufficient in and of yourself.  Deny vulnerability because vulnerability is a sure sign of weakness, and weakness is not favorable.  Yowza!!!  And it is this very attitude that has made me feign strength and nurture pridefulness.  I feel so much better when I offer help than I do when I receive it.  The issue is that this has little to do with my tender, giving heart but more to do with the rancid stench of pride compromising anything good that I attempt to do.  And what I’ve noticed is that I can be this way with God.  (ouch)  I remember one time talking to Emmanuel (my husband) telling him that I didn’t want to have to run to God for every little thing; I wanted to be able to show Him that I could handle some things on my own.  (covering my face with my hands)  Missing the big problem in my statement?  God never intended for me to live independent from Him.  He wants me to depend on Him for every little thing.  And most times He’ll use people to help me and give me what I want and need.  If I isolate myself and set myself up as this super-Pam who needs no one and can handle everything, I dismiss God, I dismiss His people and I dismiss myself because I am not giving myself a chance to receive from God.

This birthday weekend, my need wasn’t gifts, neither food nor shelter.  My needs were rest, peace, joy, and love.  And the Lord saw fit to use my family and friends to fill me to the measure.  And I reveled in it.  And I am full.  Thanksgiving Day full.  For reals.