Wednesdays with Beth: The Calling pt. 1

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  And she’s ready!!!  Beth Moore spoke today about God’s call on our lives, i.e. what have we been put on this earth to do?  It’s a weighty question, but one worth investigating and figuring out the answers to.  Life is short. We want to use the time we have here wisely and we want to make our time here count for more than just the fun times we had, or the wealth we gained . . .  Beth Moore said in her Esther study, (something like) what is it that you want God to say to you when He sees you?  Who is it that you want to present to the King when you get to see Him face to face?  Are you that person yet?  Are you getting closer to becoming that person?  If not, get busy!  Discovering His purposes for your life is a sure fire way to get you there.  It’s amazing, scary, exciting, nerve racking.  But it’s God business, so that means it’s good.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  I think this series is gonna be bananas!!

ok wait, so, why the pic of Elmo?  Because no matter how silly or off-the-beaten-path you think your passion or calling is, God can use you!  I have two very happy and engaged little girls in part because of the work of Elmo and the whole Sesame Street gang.  So, thank you Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Kevin Clash (among SO many others) for being brave enough to go after it.  I’m up next.

As you know, I love the music ministry of William Matthews.  Here’s another one from him that I thought fitting.  Check out these lyrics:

“He’s awakening the hope in me by calling forth my destiny.  He’s breathing life into my soul.  I will thirst for Him and Him alone.  He has come like the rain that showers on the barren plain.  So my heart and tongue confess Jesus Christ the hope of man!”

woooooooooo!!!  the boy is baaaaaaaaad!!!

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