about the girl

I’m wife to a wonderful, God-fearing, holy spirit filled man who’s actually kinda cute too.  He’s my college sweetheart.  For reals, Jesus set us up and we’ve been smart enough to stick with each other ever since.

I’m a mommy.  I have two of the cutest little girls you’d ever meet.  They’re honey-sugared sweet, smaaaart, and incredibly funny.



I’m daughter to a fierce woman who loves hard with every breath she takes.  She belongs in the ranks with the likes of Harriett Tubman, Phyllis Hyman, Mahalia Jackson and Anita Baker.  She’s . . . so many things.  Nothing short of God’s grace walking, breathing.

I’m also daughter to Daddy.  Daddy whom I love though our relationship has been strained and drained by the prince of this world who’d love nothing more than for it to be wrecked.  But I love him still and with what he had, he has done what he could and I am grateful to have him in my life.

I’m sister to five crazy, stunningly beautiful, funny, underestimated, amazing women, one respectful, silly, rough, country, smart boy, and one fearless, man-after-God’s-own-heart, soon-to-be-husband man.

I’m friend to some of the world’s baaaaaadest chicks!  All in love with the same Lord I profess.  All a force to recognize and be reckoned with.

I’m a southern girl.  And I have the country drawl in my voice to prove it.  And I love it.

I’m daughter to Mother and Father, my parents-in-law.  My gifts given to me directly from the hand of God as yet another example of His grace and favor on my life.  They’ve been more to me than I could have ever imagined.  They are so incredible that I often forget that they’re not really mine.

I’m a mess.  My gosh am I a mess!  Spilled out all over the floor, at times taking up all of the available space and desperately trying to chameleonize myself as anything but the mess I am.  But it’s no use; one look at me and you go running for a towel, mop, something, anything to clean me up!

I’m a silly little thing.  I am.  I’d love to do a stint on Saturday Night Live.  Something crazy.  And over the top!   . . .think i’d be pretty good . . . :0)

I’m a shy, aspiring writer.  Every press upon these qwerty keys is an aspiration.

I’m a foodie.  I love to cook and eat goooooooooooooooood fooooooooooood.

I’m associate director of The Beautiful. Project (www.thebeautifulproject.org).

I’m a survivor.  Stick around, get to know me and you’ll learn of just how much.

I’m crafty and creative.  Give me some fabric, glue gun, glitter, buttons, tulle, tissue paper, paint, wood, and wam shazam . . .

I’m the humble recipient of a BA in English and Child Development as well as an M.Ed with a specialization in Montessori Education.

But the one part of me that holds all this together, that makes it valid, that has, quite frankly, made it all possible, is that I am a christian.  My relationship with Christ is the pulse of all that I do, and don’t do.  I’m not perfect but I strive for perfection in all that I do, through the grace of the one who saved me and walks within me daily.  This is my greatest prize; that I am His and the He chose me for this.  All of this.  And more.  And it’s the more that has driven me even here to this blog.  It’s hard but I am so grateful that He keeps pulling into the abundant life that He has for me.  Promises comprised of so much more than stuff.  Stuff is great (oh, did I mention that I’m a stuff lover?) but stuff can’t keep me like The Comforter can and stuff won’t protect me, love me and pursue me like only He will.  I’m in awe of what He’s done with me and through me.  I draw closer to him daily, knowing that I only thrive when I open up my life to Him and allow Him to freely abide in my everything.  I am a mess.  For reals.  But He trades beauty for ashes.  .  .

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