my one thousand

Ann Voskamp at has touched my heart and wowed my mind in so many ways but all with a move toward God.  Her book, One Thousand Gifts, is a great read and has encouraged me to see God in everything and be thankful for every bit and piece of my life, even those things that I deem “bad” or difficult.  She has pulled on scripture and life experiences to show how giving thanks at all times and for all things completely changes a life and the way it is lived.  I’ve taken this on for myself and she’s right!  It’s been so rewarding for me to list the things I’m thankful for and I’ve seen God move me and change my mood and my circumstances through my thankfulness.  Just wanted to share my list, my one thousand.  I started this list some time ago and I’ve not reached 1,000 just yet.  Surely when I reach 1,000 I won’t be able to stop. Rewriting my list here from my journal was so encouraging.  It was a sweet reminder of the things that I find valuable.  Especially those things that I gave God thanks for more than once!  I’ll be adding to my list on my Monday posts.  Maybe you’ll join me.

1.  The amazing gift of salvation.

2.  A relationship with the most faithful one- Christ.

3.  Being loved by ole E.T.

4.  My marriage to Emmanuel.

5.  My baby!  Izzie Poo.  :0)

6.  My coming child, now resting and rustling around in my belly.

7.  Hearing the stories of children when they think no one is listening.

8. Mama

9.  A husband committed to fighting for our marriage.

10.  The ability to and the enjoyment/desire to read.

11.  Laughing at my husband.

12.  Laughing with my husband.

13.  Two beautiful, healthy little girls.

14.  Two little girls with sickle cell trait but not the disease.

15.  Ava Joelle Thompson.  A beautiful, sweet gift.

16.  The labor and delivery of my second child.  Seamless.  Quick.  Easy.  Enjoyable.  Only God.

17.  Mother.  Her love.  Her heart.  Her wisdom.  Her servitude.

18.  Chasity.  So sincere.  Ever supportive.

19.  Jamaica.  So passionate.

20.  Ayana.  So sweet, understanding and compassionate.

21.  Needs met and then some.  My present season.  Thank you, God.

22.  The great gift of staying home to care for my children, my husband and my home.

23.  The smell of my newborn baby when I nestle my cheek against hers and kiss her to calmness.

24.  Success in breastfeeding my baby.  Praise God!  Only God!

25.  “Sink hugs;” small arms and hands thrown wildly and strongly around my thighs and knees while washing dishes, cooking or even doing laundry . . .given at the most random yet the most perfect times.

26.  Izzie dancing.

27.  Ava smiling.

28.  Being able to witness and participate in my toddler’s developing language.

29.  Peach oatmeal with butter and brown sugar.

30.  A good visit with Mama, here in Raleigh.

31.  Morning prayers whispered to a patient God from a very sleepy daughter.

32.  The desire to workout.

33.  Being a mom.

34.  Staying at home with my children and working inside of my home.

35.  The desire to write.

36.  Renewing passion with my husband.

37.  Weight loss!

38.  Conviction.

39.  The Holy Spirit.

40.  The safe arrival of Jessica-Claire’s new baby girl.

41.  Conversations with Karma.

42.  Conversations with Chasity.

43.  Karma’s heart, sincerity and generosity.

44.  Grace for the moment.  Moment by moment.

45.  Izzie’s smile; squinted eyes, inflated cheeks, small, squared, white teeth.

46.  VaVa’s giggle accompanied by a wild, free, loud scream of delight!

47.  My Thursday night bible study folks.

48.  Thursday night laughs.

49.  The Beautiful. Project

50.  My relationship with Christ.

51.  Christ, my comforter.

52.  Emmanuel’s (my huni) love.

53.  “School” with Izzie and Ava.

54.  The gift, sheer gift, of being home with Iz and Av.

55.  Family

56.  Thanksgiving holiday.

57.  A beautifully decorated home.

58.  All five senses, appropriately working.

59.  The activity of all of my limbs.

60.  Conviction, keeping me close to Christ.

61.  The Holy Spirit.

62.  The word of God.

63.  Bills paid.

64.  Emmanuel’s bonus and certificate/award and recognition.

65.  Watching my girls grow, learn and explore.

66.  A new day of life.

67.  Class with Bianca.

68.  The gift of learning from Bianca.

69.  Rediscovering feminist theory.

70.  Softening by the Holy Spirit, chastening me.

71.  My daddy . . .

72.  An unexpected visit from Mother and Father!

73.  My mommy, her passion, her strength, her struggle, her love for me.

74.  VaVa giggling.

75.  Building a bond with Izzie, a sweet, mommy-baby bond.  She’ll always be my baby!  She and my sweet VaVa.

76.  Izzie’s developing imagination.

77.  The reward of watching Izzie learn and understand the world around her.

78.  Watching the documentary on Gabrielle Gifford.

79.  Evelyn Thorne.  :0)

80.  Izzie and Ava.

81.  Precious time with Izzie and Ava.

82.  A warm home during cold winters.

83.  Time with my family.

84.  Waking up in my right mind.

85.  The freedom and ability to make choices.

86.  Clarity.

87.  Wisdom.

88.  Intellect.

89.  The ability to read and think critically about the things I read.

90.  A husband who wants to see me happy.

91.  God’s grace, lavished upon me daily.

92.  Having the book I need for class!

93.  The gift of being home with my girls everyday.

94.  Two healthy children.

95.  Sweet memories of Grandma Mabel.

96.  My relationships with my husband’s family.  Sister bonds.

97.  A working car.

98.  Passion for my husband.

99.  Cable t.v.!

100.  Bianca’s time and knowledge in class.

101.  Reconciliation.

102.  Encouragement from women around the baby doll drive.

103.  Having Emmanuel home today.

104.  Mama got a third interview!

105.  Answered prayer.

106.  Rest.

107.  Peace.

108.  A new holiday season.

109.  Vava’s smile.

110.  Izzie’s sweet spirit.

111.  Progress.

112.  Bills paid!

113.  God’s ultimate and awesome provision.

114.  Another holiday season.

115.  Joy.

116.  The Savior’s birth.

117.  The obedience of Mary.

118.  Healing.

119.  Laughter with friends.

120.  Watching my girls play together.

121.  VaVa laughing at Iz.

122.  A clean bedroom.

123.  A weekend with grandparents indulging in loving my babies.

124.  Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.

125.  Jerriet.

126.  Rediet.  Sweet, sweet, Rediet.

127.  Developing my testimony of overcoming my past hurts and shame.

128.  A softened heart.

129.  Mercy for mercy (Matt 5:7)

130.  A growing relationship with Christ.

131.  The gift of being a stay-at-home mom.

132.  My little girls.

133.  A running car!

134. Thank you, Lord for another day.

135.  Restful sleep, uninterrupted as you protected my family, my home and me through the night.

136.  Another chance to pay my debts.

137.  A diligent man, determined to make it to work on time.

138.  Your provision for my family through a job that E loves and enjoys.

139.   Sweet baby voices acquiring speech and using it well!

140.  Delicious, healthy food to feed little tummies.

141.  The silence of breakfast.

142.  Two satisfied tummies.

143.  The silence of breakfast.  The sweet, sweet silence of happily eating girls.

144.  A clean house.

145. Eagerly learning little girls.

146.  Peacefully (and sometimes not so much) playing sisters. :0)

147.  Izzie reciting the grace before her lunch.

148.  The cute little way Ava leans her head to one side displaying an irresistible cheek to kiss.

149.  Naptime.

150.  While my girls were napping, I enjoyed reading a page turner and it was thrilling!

151.  Spending time laughing with Nit and KiKi.

152.  Seeing Iz light up at the sight of her cousins, no matter how many times she sees them.

153.  Peanut butter Cheerios.

154.  A chance to see God move on behalf of my family as I intercede on their behalf.

155.  Hot, running water with which to wash my dishes.

156.  A visit from Mini, complete with dinner, conversation and giggles.

157.  DeeDee’s trust and vulnerability.

158.  KiKi’s new journey to NCCU.

159.  Calvin’s new journey to ECU.

160.  Victory seen on the hopeful faces of two soon-to-be high school graduates, both college bound.

161.  Restored relationships.

162.  Jamaica, serving me ice cream while she ate liver.

163.  Leaping into the wind at the sensing of the presence of courage and fearlessness . . .couldn’t miss the chance . . .couldn’t let them pass me by.

164.  Lisa and Sarah.

165.  Growth.

166.  Determination to pay down more debt.

167.  A plan.

168.  A weekend home with my family.

169.  Honesty.

170.  Expectation.

171.  Kool Moe Va

172.  biggest cheeeeeeeeeese from the littlest

173.  penny wishes

174.  grandaddies

175.  birthday cupcakes . . .scrumdillyum!!

176.  DQ surprise!

177.  TBP intern class of 2012 . . . love, love, love those girls

178.  my first trip to the crepe truck courtesy of Precious, accompanied by Jamaica Swagu

179.  all gone  :0)

180.  excitedly watching Grandma and Granddaddy unload their car

181.  Dragonfly Jones VaVa

182.  watching her be happiest

183.  late night cuddles and cosby show

4 thoughts on “my one thousand

  1. Dre Day says:

    Hi Pam,

    I just read something similar to this during my devotion. Often times we focus on all the negative things in our life instead of all the many blessings we have. I definitely need to make a 1,000 list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rediet says:

    Seven chapters later I finally did it…I began my list! Just this morning. There is no way after reading Chapter 7 that I could have lived another day without beginning my list of eucharisteo. Already…I have seen His goodness and mercy follow me (Ps. 23:6) as I began my daily routine in ways that I would not have recognized in the past. This chapter was it for me. Ann displayed so well the importance of giving thanks in the most frustrating of times when we most lose sight of recognizing His blessings. I even googled the title of the chapter so I can remember it and landed on a blog you have mentioned here before – – (in)courage- – to find even greater testimonies. Wow! You may have tied the two – – 1000 Gifts and (in)courage – – together but I do not recall off gate. So I say thank you for your encouraging words regardless of your intentions – – I hope you know you are drastically changing lives.

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