Wednesdays with Beth: The Law of Kindness

Because you ever open your mouth to make the least utterance, you need to understand and know the law of kindness.  Whoa.

Beth Moore is on Life Today talking about The Law of Kindness and in just this first video I was both convicted and captivated.  Upon seeing the title, I wasn’t too hype about hearing her message.  I loves me some Beth Moore because her teaching is just so revelatory and passionately draws me to my Savior but a message on kindness felt, well, simple.  Honey chile let me tell you!  Simple it is not!!

You’ve gotta see it for yourself, but she talked about how we are ALL published authors even without ever having made a dime for our work thanks to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, and so on.  But we are, in essence, the worse sort of writers; writers without editors.  We say what we want, how we want, as often as we want and to whomever will entertain it and if we do not act in step with the Holy Spirit we can cause so much damage and harm.

She went on further to say, “It takes supernatural power to remain kind in the mean world we live in.”  And I know this is true.

Confession:  I had a run in with the mail lady this week. (huff sigh, slowly rubbing temples with fingertips)

My mail lady is just plain old mean.  She really is.  She drives her mail truck like a NASCAR professional and she takes little care for whomever may be on her terrain.  She almost hit my sister and her fiance as they were crossing the street because they weren’t crossing quickly enough.  And she has a vendetta for garbage cans.  If she rolls up to deposit the mail and there is a trashcan in the way, she runs over it with her truck or she physically takes her hands and pushes it out of her way, as she passes by in her truck.


The worst day is trash day.  On trash day,after emptying the cans, the trashmen leave trashcans wherever they may land; if it’s in your yard, score!, if it’s in the road, poor.  So, on trash day this week, I was going out to move my trashcans but I didn’t get there quickly enough.  As I was moving my cans, for reals, my hands were on the handle, she ran into my trashcan.  People.  My hands were on the can and she STILL hit it!!!  I was in shock and disbelief!!  For reals.  I was stunned that she hit the can while I was standing right there with it.  Then, she sat there and waited for me to move but I couldn’t because the can was trapped between the driveway and her truck!!!  And even though I was FUMING I still came up with enough respect to call her ma’am as I tried to reason with her, (with, I’ll admit, a bit of ‘tude), that I can’t guarantee that the trashmen won’t leave my can in the road each week as they typically do to me and all of my neighbors.  She relented not.  Instead she went on to tell me where I should put my trashcan so that it won’t be in her way next time.  Frustrated, I said okay and walked away to the sound of her truck screeching down the street to the next mailbox, only ten feet away.

Pride says I should have told her “akdafljsdhfuoeyrat;jdnf;asdfua;weouirwo;,!!!!!”

Conviction says I should have been nicer.

“We never resemble our Father more than when we love someone who is hard to love.” –Beth Moore

Kindness is a challenge.  Lord help!!

Check it out:

2 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Beth: The Law of Kindness

  1. Tiara says:

    Pam!!!! I’m literally Laughing.Out.Loud and the hubby and kid are looking at me like I’m crazy 🙂 As hilarious as this post is…I’m also convicted. I need to be display more kindness.

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